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Your wedding day should be as uncommon as you are.

At Munster Rose, we offer floral, styling, and event design services to one-of-a-kind clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond. We design days around your details. Because we believe the things that make you you are what make your wedding day a extraordinary moment in the timeline your life. We make your big day yours.

Our designs come in one color: green.

When you work with us, you work with people who do all they can to reduce our impact on the same Mother Earth that creates our blooms. Composting. Reusing leftover floral water. Sourcing from local growers. Growing our own dahlias. Shipping products with reused packing materials. For us, it’s not a choice. It’s the only way to go.

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Meet the Team

Munster Rose


​Owner • Creative Director

Munster Rose is led by creative director and owner Jackie ‘Rose’ Reisenauer. Trained as an Interior Designer, Jackie spent years in the wedding, floral, and styling industries cultivating her make it pretty! make it pop! skills. She’s led or contributed to over 500 weddings and events.

Munster Rose


​Co-owner • Mom

How would we get anything done without Barb? Barb is the ribbon that holds the Munster Rose bouquet together. Bookkeeper, task master, in-house candy supplier. She’s also co-owner of Munster Rose. Did we forget to mention that she’s Jackie’s mom?

Munster Rose


Lead Designer · Studio Manager

With a background in theater and event coordination, Lead Designer Jessica (just married!) knows how to make all your details add up to a dramatic, but drama-less, day. If you’re working with Jessica, ask her about her love of mid-90s music and the time she fainted at the White House.

Munster Rose


Lead Designer · Media Specialist

​Big heart. Impeccable style. Lead Designer Kelsey draws on her education in communications to help translate your one-of-kind personality from Pinterest page to wedding day. Meeting with Kelsey? Let her tell you about her new “baby” Ruby - BTW, Ruby has fur.

Munster Rose


​Communications Manager · Stylist

Start to finish, Lisa’s there. She may be helping you coordinate your first MR consultation, and she might be there on the day of your wedding, prettying things up. And, with an Apparel Design degree, you can count her to make sure your flowers are a perfect fit.