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With These Flowers, She Brought Paradise to Her Minnesota Wedding

All brides are different.

Some brides have no idea what kind of flowers they want for their wedding. Some know exactly what they want — names of floral, size of centerpieces, and amount of bouquets.

Others land somewhere between, just like Amy, one of our ridiculously awesome brides from this past summer.

Stylish and design-minded, Amy had a cohesive idea of what she wanted — colors, look and feel — but relied on us to make sure all the details (the floral, styling and design) added up to an entirely uncommon and memorable day.

OK, let’s start with what Amy DID know she absolutely wanted.

1.) She wanted to tie the beach club aspect of Lake Calhoun Beach Club into the look and feel of the flowers. But she wanted to do something tropical, not traditional. Miami, not Minnesota.

2.) She also wanted to add height to the room without using the typical elevated floral ball arrangements.

3.) Finally, getting the colors right was more important to her than any specific flowers; she wanted shades of pink.

Using that as a starting point, and her amazingly cohesive Pinterest board, we consulted long-distance (Amy grew up in Minnesota, but lives in New York), doing all of our idea-sharing and decision-making via phone, Pinterest boards, email, and Skype.

(Quick sidebar: It’s a crazy connected world we live in isn’t it?)

Here’s what we did:

We designed a bridal bouquet with ranunculus, garden roses, and anemones — all in pretty shades of popping pink — and used luscious green palm leaves for greenery to give it that tropical feel.

Then, to tie the bouquet into the centerpiece designs, we used a similar recipe, but scaled it, so the tables had these gorgeous tropical-feeling floral pieces.

For height, we used super tall (2-3 feet!), modern, black and white containers filled with tropical foliage. So long flower balls, hello drama.

In the end, it was a day of paradise. (See pics below!)

Want to get a touch of tropical in your wedding flowers?

Here’s a quick tip: Tropical flowers can be expensive. Tropical foliage, on the other hand, is easily accessible, affordable and available year round. So consider doing what Amy did. Use the less expensive foliage and complement it with affordable flowers that come in bright, tropical colors.

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Vendor Love:

Photography | Geneoh Photograpy

Floral Design | Munster Rose

Venue | Calhoun Beach Club

Planning | Denae Brennan

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