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When a Florist Marries, What Do Her Flowers Look Like?

What does a florist want for floral at her own wedding?

Great question.

We found out last year when one of our Lead Designers, Jessica, got married.

Turns out, she didn’t want to pick anything. She said, “Do whatever you want!” (This is a florist’s dreeeeeaaaam.)

The only things we talked about were color, scale, and (of course) budget.

She didn’t know what type of flowers we were ordering. She didn’t want to see her bouquet before the big day, and she didn’t even peek on Instagram.

So we went to work!

We put 10 feet of floral on the head table. We included garlands (a current must-have). And kept it simple at the ceremony with two large plants and a lace backdrop.

We combined colorful blooms with subtle, muted pastels (a favorite of ours). Field-grown garden roses, peony blooms, and ranunculus were the star flowers.

Oh, and LOTS of candlelight. Because, I mean, who doesn’t love candles?

I could keep writing about it. But why, when there are wonderful photos from one of our fave photographers, Eliesa from Photogen, Inc.?

To our Jessica: Thanks for letting us have so much freedom designing on your wedding day. We were SO happy to work with all your other lovely vendors.

To her hubby Elroy: Thanks for letting us have your Jessica.

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​Vendor Love:

Photography | Photogen, Inc.

Floral and Styling | Munster Rose

Planning | Bash Collective

DJ | Flow Event Group

Rentals: Linens | Munster Rose and Apres; Flatware: Apres; Ceremony Backdrop: Munster Rose

Draping | Avant Decor

Wedding Dress | Monique L’hullier

Paper | Paper Rock Scissor

Catering | Chowgirls

Custom Beer Cask | Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

Venue | Solar Arts by Chowgirls

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