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Kindred by Munster Rose x Prairie Garden Farm

Florist Munster Rose and potter Doug Trott of Prairie Garden Farm Pottery have joined to make a new line of handmade vases, called Kindred. BUY HERE.

Every single piece is hand-thrown by Doug (below), on his farm in Minnesota.

The vases are crafted for those who want less mass-made, more handmade objects in their life.

“We didn’t want to make just another line of ‘stuff.’ We wanted to make something that reflected a philosophy of how we want to live: simply, naturally, locally,” says Jackie Reisenauer of Munster Rose.

“Yes. Simple, useful, everyday objects for people who like to put some “handmade” into their life,” adds Doug.

The vases come in two styles, upright (above) and horn (below). They are available in two sizes, large and small (not shown).

Made of white clay, shaped by hand on Trott’s treadle wheel, and glazed using a single-dipped glazing process, the vases have a semi-transparent finish with natural stippling in areas.

Finding the right glaze was a process. The two worked through a series of test glazes (above), sometimes adding as many as two to three coats before finally settling on a glazing process that delivered what Jackie calls “that elusive perfect shade of white.”

The vases can be filled with floral or used on their own as décor. Perfectly suited for a tabletop or bookshelf. “We wanted to make something you could dress up or dress down,” says Jackie.

From a partnership that grew out of a kindred respect for earth’s raw materials comes a line of vases made for those who appreciate the power of a caring eye and a steady hand.

The Kindred line is available at MUNSTERROSE.COM/SHOP now!!!

To learn more about the collaboration, contact

All images shot by ELIESA JOHNSON. Thanks, E!

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