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988 Reasons to Scope Out This Awesome New Website, ‘Rentivist’

The container.

It’s the unsung hero of so many floral arrangements we design. So many winning tables tablescapes.

It’s why we’ve spent years and years and years compiling hundreds and hundreds of beautiful containers.

988 containers, to be exact.

Big ones. Tall ones. Skinny ones. Round ones. Square ones. Glass ones. Classy ones. Clear ones. Modern ones. Colored ones.

Up until very very recently, all our containers vases and decor were only available to our brides.

But that’s officially changed!

Now YOU can use them, too! All 988 of them, if you want.

Yes, we’re excited to tell you that we’ve got nearly our entire inventory of vases, candle holders, and other decor available to rent on this SERIOUSLY AMAZING new website slash web community, called Rentivist.

You don’t need to be getting married to do it.

And you don’t need a big budget.

Maybe you’re throwing a:

  • dinner party
  • baby shower
  • holiday get-together
  • home staging
  • 30-year birthday party for yourself (somebody’s gotta do it)

Get everything you need to throw a totally smashing event. Join us over at Rentivist and you can take advantage of all the time and money we’ve spent curating vases, containers and decor.

We just gave you 988 reasons to do it.

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